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a small cocoa application I wrote to view the spectrum that I am composing with
(or other spectrums). I brought a spectrum file as well.
it is a text file that is an text output of a cord sequence done in
Auduisculpt 1.2 done by ircam.
EjsPartialViewer (106 Kb)

the PatchWork Library I wrote to compose "cordes sur bois" 1996.
jsm-gesture (27 Kb)

the script files used with compose 37.05 to compose the piece
"faits saillants" for solo cello and 4 channel tape.
script_faits_saillants (3.09 Mb)

the script files used with compose 36.03 to compose the piece
"empreintes digitales" for three musicians and 4 channel tape.
script_empreintes_digitales (4.78 Mb)

the script files used with compose 35.9 to compose the piece "pièces à conviction"
for solo flute and 4 channel tape.
script_pieces_a_conviction (27.52 Mb)