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joakim sandgren was born in stockholm, sweden in 1965. between 1991 and 1998, after percussion studies programs at ingesund's college of music and the royal college of music in stockholm, sandgren studied composition at the city's royal college of music. at rcm sandgren served as assistant to professors sven-david sandström, magnus lindberg, and pär lindgren. in 2000 Sandgren completed the composition et d’informatique musicale course at ircam in paris. most recently (2003), he presented his dea (a master degree) at unversité paris 8 in paris where he now makes his home.
from the earliest days of his career joakim sandgren's works have been performed internationally. it is you that dream (1994) was presented by the sonic arts network in london; his morfe technes (1996) has been rendered in romania, florida and cuba; and his déambulation oculaire (2000) was offered in paris. the french ensemble 2e2m has played his solo pour violoniste (2001) two times in paris. also the pieces pour un(e) pianiste and écart (2002) and pour sept musiciens (2005) has been played in paris. most recently (2008), sophie dardeau, soloist in ensemble itinéraire created his piece pièce à conviction for flute and four channel tape at the Institut Cervantes in Paris.
under the tutelage of professor magnus lindberg at rcm sandgren started to work with computer-assisted composition. After some time in the ircam-developed application patch-work, with which he produced a project of artistic development work and completed a patch-work library for the purpose of transforming musical lines, sandgren started to develop his own composition environment directly in lisp. he has continued on this subject in his dea written at université paris 8 under the direction of horatio vaggione, wich treat the way sandgren compose instrumental music assisted by computer. in 2008 sandgren published an article at the journées d'informatique musicale, jim08, where he described his composition tool ejs.
a number of sandgren's pieces will soon be issued on cd, including fredrik burstedt's recording of strings on wood (1997) and solo pour violoniste (2001). also, Media Artes will soon record souvenir I (2002), and the trio spectra will put on cd his trio for percussion berceuse.
sandgren has worked with such swedish ensembles as the stockholm saxophone quartet, the percussion ensemble peaux, the chamber orchestra ensemble naù, the quartet ensemble son, the trio spectra and the string orchestra musica vitae, the ensemble ars nova as well as the ensemble gageego!. he has also worked with several soloists, including kerstin frödin and fredrik burstedt.

two of sandgren's pieces, sinfonietta (1997) and orchestra (1999 - 2000), have been performed by the swedish radio symphony orchestra, with the sinfonietta performance broadcast live on swedish television as a part of the swedish television culture production "music between the centuries". most recently sandgren had his "instrument contondant" performed in göteborg by the ensemble gageego!.
dea (master 2) at université paris 8, paris 2003 - 2004
cursus de composition et d’informatique, ircam, paris 1999 - 2000
composition, royal college of music, stockholm 1991 - 1998
percussion, royal college of music, stockholm 1989 - 1991
percussion, college of music, ingesund 1988 - 1989